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Packaged Soap


Dahlia Rodgers always dreamt of making soap for years but ignored it. The thought first came to her while she worked at her old job as a Wholesale Distributor. Her business partner at the time said that the soap business was the most challenging business to get into. So for ten years, Dahlia ignored her dreams and went on to get into shoemaking and writing, but the plan for soap always lingered.

The pandemic brought about the opportunity and time to study and research soap-making. After she gained the confidence to give it a try, right in her bedroom, she experimented and became obsessed with the process. Wanting to find a natural remedy and solution for her own skin problems and the perfect shape for the soaps, Dahlia became a chemist and a self-taught artisan by being determined to get it right.

Dahlia takes pride in using ingredients that yield results, and each soap is strategically made. These products are spot-tested on herself and her family. The Turmeric Facial Bar & Acne Oil took five months of trial and error to perfect her first top seller. Dahlia created a formula that works naturally once used religiously, that even her soaps provide instant results after using it. The Turmeric Soap was tested on her niece, that passed through puberty and needed a solution for her acne. This also birthed the Combo Kit consisting of Turmeric and Sulphur.



When Soap Prevails became official, Dahlia enrolled in soap-making classes, which consisted of herbs and other natural ingredients. The results of these classes allowed Dahlia to perfect the soap molds; these soaps aren't cut at all - they're made to perfection. She further experimented, playing with colors and researching natural remedies for skin diseases. This also included studying herbs and spices, the causes of acne, and other skin conditions to treat skin issues many may experience.

It took Ms. Rodgers 8 months to develop her next popular product - the Birthday Cake Soap - sprinkled with real-life-looking confetti made from soap.

This soap became the perfect item for birthday gifts, so she began offering customization and bulk orders as party favors. The success of the Birthday Cake Soap only motivated Dahlia to birth a new business Soap Prevails.

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As the business quickly grew as the customer reviews widely spread the word about her products, Dahlia found the need to rebrand to match the quality and consistency of her products. This also gave the opportunity to change the business name to DAHLSPRY,
meaning DAHL - part of her name and SPRY, which means youthful.

Her product offers now range from scrubs to soaps.

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